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April 10, 2014

News from the Beer Department

    At Acton Wine & Spirit Co.(and Marlborro Wine & Spirit Co. as well) we love more than just wine.  We have a couple of talented guys here who love beer.  REALLY LOVE BEER.  And they buy A LOT of beer.  So much so that we have to do a little “thinning of the herd”

    Starting right now we have ON SALE about 120 different Craft Beers.  These are all marked with a red tag and the savings are significant (20% or more).  We are including brews from Amager, De Proef, Mikkeller, Nogne-O, Lost Abbey, The Bruery & more… these are mostly available in very small quantities and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

    We also have a new craft beer guy!  His name is Xandre.  He used to work for us, and just got back from a stint at Element Brewing Co. where he learned about brewing from the ground up.  A lot of you will recognize Xandre from his time that he worked here before.  We welcome Xandre and you can follow him at on Twitter at Xandre@ActonBottleShop. 

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