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June 20, 2014

Paul Hobbs Pinot Noir from Patagonia

People in Acton (one in particular) give me a lot of grief for saying that Pinot Noir is my “desert island” wine. In other words, if stranded on a desert island with only one grape to choose from, I would drink Pinot.

That was true when I wrote it a couple of months ago, and it’s still true.

The only problem is most of the Pinot’s that I like, with a few noticeable exceptions, cost at least $40.00 a bottle. Pinot Noir is a notoriously fickle grape to grow, with thin skins, prone to mildew and rot, and quite a lot of the inexpensive ones (sorry, inexpensive California producers) just are not that good.

Now Burgundy is the home of Pinot Noir, and Burgundy is located between 40 and 50 degrees latitude. So is Oregon. Although the wines of Oregon DO NOT taste like the wines from Burgundy (sorry all you wine salesmen) it seems to be that the grape thrives in a cooler climate. Ditto Northern Italy.

But there is somewhere else on the globe that has the same latitude.

Turn the world upside down.

Patagonia in far southern Argentina has the approximately the same latitudinal coordinates as Oregon and Burgundy, (as does New Zealand on the other side of the globe) and is virtually unknown as a winemaking center.

Enter Paul Hobbs.

Paul Hobbs is known as the person who literally brought Argentian Malbec to the fore in his work at Catena, and of late he has been producing some stellar Pinot Noirs from California (at $50.00 and up).

Here though, he has teamed up with Leonardo Puppato to produce a modern Pinot from old vines in Patagonia, Argentina. Fermented in open top stainless steel 18 days of skin contact, and then aged in a combination of stainless steel and French and American oak, this wine pops with acidity and flavor.

And it’s priced like Pinot from Patagonia should be. It does not cost the proverbial arm and leg. Joe and I tried this wine at a dinner a couple of months ago, and have been waiting to get a price on it.

2012 Patagonia, Argentina

Tasting notes: 100% Pinot Noir. 14% Alcohol. Bright Ruby Red color. This is not a delicate Pinot. You can see the 18 days of skin contact here, as well as taste it. Cherries, rose petals, flowers and great lift with a strong acid backbone. A slight hint of vanilla from the oak, this Pinot is distinctly drinkable, with a silky feeling in the mouth, and a dry finish with a firm tannic structure.

This has the stuffing to age well. One can see the work and structure of Paul Hobbs in this wine.
This wine lists at the bargain price of $20.00 a bottle, but for this e-mail special I can sell you a 6 pack for the low price (for good Pinot) of $85.00, or you can step up and order a case for $165.00. Just e-mail me back. There were just 1000 cases produced, so we got around 5% of the world’s supply. This wine will go with foods as diverse as barbecued fish, chicken, or steak.

Just e-mail me back at In stock now.

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