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Archive March 2015

Casa Cuba By Arturo Fuente

In 2013, there were rumors of a new cigar blended by Carlos Fuente Sr. that never materialize into much of anything.  We got in a couple boxes of one size and that was it.  I was bummed because these cigars were great!  Medium bodied, full flavored, and a finish that lasted for hours.  Little was known about the blend but if you know Carlito or his father, Carlos Sr., this is not out of the ordinary.  Unlike Opus X or any of the their other lines, the Fuente name is nowhere to be found on the packaging.  You will know it’s a Fuente just by the flawless construction.  These smoke like a dream.

Good news.  They are finally in stock.  All four sizes.  A corona, robosto, robusto extra, and toro make up  this highly coveted line.  Both the Acton and Marlboro store have these in stock.  So far, the reviews have been excellent.  It looks like the Fuentes have hit it out the the park.  Again.