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March 18, 2015

To Can Or Not To Can

Cans are where it’s at, period.  That is if you enjoying drinking beer in the most fresh way possible?  Buying a big, high ABV beer to cellar to cellar is one thing but when it comes to beers that fade fast the can business is where craft beer is heading.

Talk to any brewer and they will tell you that they prefer you drink their beer from a can.  To truly enjoy a hop forward beer, an IPA lets say, you need to be drinking from a can.  Not believing that is similar to believing the world is flat.  It’s just not true.  This isn’t your granddad’s Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Long gone are the days of tin plated cans.  Today cans are 30% lighter than in previous decades and made from different alloys, mostly aluminum.  No more “metal taste” to a can of beer.  Cans today have a non-permeable polymer membrane lining the inside of the can.  Instead of beer on metal, today beer never touches the aluminum due to the membrane on the inside of the can.  Cans are also hermetically sealed, meaning no air infiltration.  Bottle caps slowly allow air into the bottle prematurely aging the contents of the bottle.  When it comes to IPA’s this is a very, very bad thing.

Cans are also more outdoor friendly.  Most beaches and pools do not allow glass bottle.  Cans are easier to arrange and stack, making it easier to stick in your refrigerator.  Cans are lighter, which is extremely important to backpackers where ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain.

So come on, jump on the common sense bandwagon and crack open a can.  Whether you pour it into a glass or your mouth, cans are where it’s at.  After all the number one rated beer in the world on is a can (Alchemist Heady Topper) that plainly states on the side of the can to drink the beer directly from the can.  Enjoy.


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