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Welcome to Acton/Marlboro Wine & Spirit Co.

At both the Acton and Marlboro Wine & Spirit Co. stores we have an incredible selection of wines, liquors, beers and accessories in our two convenient locations.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to help you find just what you're looking for — whether it's the perfect fine wine for an intimate dinner party, or the makings of a fully-stocked bar for a larger cocktail or tailgate party.

Annual Grand Wine Tasting at Acton Wine & Spirit Co.

On Saturday, November 3rd. 2018 our Annual Grand Wine Tasting will be held in our Acton Store. Well over 100 wines will be tasted and special discounts will be offered. The event will be catered by Not Your Average Joe’s. Come join us for what has been often called the premier tasting event of the… Read More

Casa Cuba By Arturo Fuente

In 2013, there were rumors of a new cigar blended by Carlos Fuente Sr. that never materialize into much of anything.  We got in a couple boxes of one size and that was it.  I was bummed because these cigars were great!  Medium bodied, full flavored, and a finish that lasted for hours.  Little was… Read More


It’s here! Jr Johnson’s Midnight Moonshine in mason jars.  Made from American corn and triple distilled for a smooth and clean finish.  Choose from three kinds of shine, original, apple pie and strawberry.  Use it to create and infuse your own cocktails or just drink it straight the way Jr Johnson intended.  My favorite is moonshine… Read More

Why is the Spencer Abbey so special?

First off, as always, a little history lesson.  The term Abbey is derived from the word Abbot which is the title given to the head of a Monastery.  The term Abbey Ale simply refers to a beer made in a Monastic tradition.  Some of these monasteries were of the Trappist order from La Trappe, France. … Read More

Arturo Fuente Opus X Cigars

If you are having a difficult time sourcing Opus X cigars by Arturo Fuente, stop in Acton or Marlboro Wine and Spirit Co.  We recently received a shipment of the 3 pack tins.  All three sizes are available in both stores. Opus X Robusto 5 1/4″ x 50 Ring Gauge$52.95+tax Opus X Perfexcion X 6… Read More

Hops:In a nutshell, why it’s in beer.

The first documented use of Hops(Humulus Lupulus) as a flavoring agent was in the 11th century in Europe.  However, Hop cultivation can be traced back to the 8th century in China.  Like gunpowder and pasta, Hop cultivation migrated west via missionaries and trade.  Hops were not the primary bittering agent used to flavor beer in… Read More

Toast Across America Packs Are Here

2013 Toast Across America The J.C. Newman & Fuente families believe in giving back.  Every year since 2003, a special set of cigars have been released and 100% of the proceeds go back to families  in the Dominican Republic.  Both of these cigars have not been released until now.  The Diamond Crown Black Diamond &… Read More

The classic Martini

I’ve recently been doing some research on the original recipes of classic cocktails such as the Martini. Now I’m not talking about Vodka-tini, Strawberry-tini, or any of the thousands of other tini’s that you see on menu’s today. I’m talking about the original Martini. It’s made with Gin. I was in a bar/restaurant just last… Read More